A Golden Treastise of Mental Prayer
by St. Peter Alcantara

"About that time, there was a famous and reformed monastery of Franciscans in the province of St. Gabriel, three miles from Valentia, whither he addressed himself, there to bring his good desires to a joyful period. But as he went along towards this place, he came to a great river, called Tiartar, which, without boat, was impossible to be passed over. He seeing this unexpected bar, to stop his happy journey, looked about, hoping to espy some waterman, who might carry him over, but when he could see none to give him any assistance, he cast his eyes to heaven, and with great anxiety lamented this unhappy hinderance. Behold! upon the sudden (as he himself related,)* he was miraculously transported on the other side of the river, without any notable motion, that he could perceive."

This miracle was not unlike to that, when the river Jordan stood still for the children of Israel to pass; or when St. Peter walked upon the waves of the sea; and, indeed, it was no small beginning of Almighty God's many favors, exhibited to this blessed saint.

This obstacle being removed, he passed the other part of his way (the Holy Ghost being his guide) without any difficulty, and at length arrived to his desired harbor, this solitary monastery, situated amongst great rocks, which they commonly call Los Manxeredes, where he came to the fathers, and asked the habit of St. Francis of them, who did grant it to him with as much charity, as he begged it with humility.--page 18-19

The background image is of the Alcantar, Spain--the birthplace of our saint.

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