Examination of Conscience for Confession

Fourth Commandment

For Children:

Have I failed in my duty to my parents by not loving them or not showing them due respect; have I been ashamed of them? How often?        

Have I been guilty of contempt, aversion, hatred, or anger toward my parents or lawful superiors? How often?

Have I desired my parents death or cursed them? How often?

Have I used offensive language at them or lifted up my hand against them; have I threatened them? How often?

Have I failed in the respect due my parents, superiors or teachers by laughing at them or talking harshly or angrily to them saying unkind things about them? How often?

Have I stolen from my parents or otherwise wronged them or have I squandered away their substance? How often?

Have I provoked them to anger, grieved them by a sinful life or insulted them? How often?

Have I neglected to care for them in their necessities (monetarily and spiritually) or have I abandoned them--especially in their old age? How often?

Have I omitted to pray for them during their life or after their death? have I failed to do so for my spouse? How often?

Have I held in contempt or disobeyed their lawful commands? Have I lied to them to avoid punishment? How often?

Have I received their admonitions and orders with impatience? How often?

Have I been obstinate and self-willed? How often?

For Parents:

Have I injured myself or my children, for instance by intemperance? How often?

Have I endangered or injured the life of my child before its birth by immoderate anxiety, worry, over-exertion, consumption of drugs and alcohol, or utilizing medical treatment that could cause a miscarriage? How often?

Have I hated any of my children; cursed them; given them scandal by cursing, drinking, drug abuse, living openly in fornication, adultery or bigamy etc.? How often?

Have I allowed them to grow up in ignorance, idleness, or sin? For how long?

Have I showed habitual partiality, without cause? How often?

Have I been negligent to procure that my children should be speedily baptized or that they should be timely instructed in their prayers and the Catholic Doctrine? How often?

Have I failed in giving them early instruction in the fear and love of God? How often?

Have I neglected to watch over their bodily health or provide for their necessities? How often?

Though separated from my spouse, have I failed to provide child support? For how long a time?

Have I refused or failed to remove from them bad companions, books, movies, music and other occasions of sin or allowed them to develop any habits dangerous to chastity, faith or morals? How often?

Have I flattered them in their passions, or indulged them in their evil inclinations? How often?

Have I taught them sinful vices or concealed and shielded their wrong doings? How often?

Have I failed to prudently correct or charitably punish them when needful for their own good? How often?

Have I been harsh or cruel in correction? How often?

Have hit or physically abused my children? How often?

Have I verbally abused my chilren? How often?

Have I neglected other people's children that were entrusted to my care? How often?

Have I let boys and girls sleep together or in the same room as me and my spouse? How often?

Have I sent any of my children to Protestant or other dangerous schools to their faith? For how long and how many of my children?

Have I forced my children into marriage or religious life against their will, or opposed their choice obstinately and without good reason? Circumstances?

For Husbands and Wives:

Have I treated my spouse poorly or put obstacles to the fulfillment of their religious duties? How often?

Have I struck or beaten my spouse? How often?

Have I lacked gentleness and consideration in regard to each other's faults? How often?

Have I been guilty of unreasonable jealousy? How often?

Have I neglected my household duties? How often?

Have I been guilty of sulkiness or said injurious words? How often?

For Employers:

Have I not allowed domestics/ employees reasonable time for religious duties and instruction? How often?

Have I given bad example to them, or allowing others to do so? How often?

Have I withholding their lawful wages? Amount and how often?

Have I failed to care for them in sickness? How often?

Have I dismissed them arbitrarily and without cause? How many and how often?

For the Employed:

Have I been disrespectful to my employer? How often?

Have I been disobedient in matters wherein one has bound one's self to obey? How often?

Have I wasted time and neglected my work? How often?

Have I been an unjust steward of my employer's property, by dishonesty, carelessness, or neglect? Amount of damages monetarily?

For Professional Men and Public Officials:

Have I been culpably lacking in the knowledge related to the duties of my office or profession? How long has this been?

Have I been negligent in the discharge of my duties, unjust or showed partiality? How often?

Have I charged exorbitant fees (undue amount)? Amount and how often?

For Teachers:

Have I neglected the progress of those confided to my care? How often?

Have I been unjust, indiscreet, or excessively punished? How often?

Have I been guilty of partiality, bad example, loose and false maxims? How often?

For Pupils:

Have I been disrespectful, disobedient, stubborn, idle, or wasted time? How often?


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Music: Tomas Luis de Victoria - O vos omnes (The Tudor Consort) / CC BY 3.0