Examination of Conscience for Confession

Fifth Commandment

Thou shalt not kill.

Have I unjustly taken a human life or indirectly and implicitly desired violence in thought, word, or committed an act which may lead thereto? How often?

Have I been guilty of any spiritual murder, by drawing others into mortal sin--including scandal? How often and what sins?

Have I been accessory to the sin of others by counsel, command, provocation, praise or flattery, concealment, partaking, silence or defense of the ill done? How often and what sins?

Have I procured or thought to procure an abortion? or given any counsel, aid, or assistance financial or otherwise? How often?

Have I performed an abortion as a doctor, assisted as part of the medical staff, filled prescriptions that induce miscarriage (morning after pill) as a pharmacist etc.? How often?

Have I participated, assisted or encouraged the use of In Vitro Fertilization for myself or others? How often?

Have I chosen to selectively reduce the number of children I give birth to whether for medical or selfish motives? How often?

Have I neglected to provide or seek medical care for an infant or allowed it to die when I could have otherwise prevented it (infanticide)? How often?

Have I knowing voted for a candidate in any election who promotes pro-abortion legislation or appointments? How often?

Have I used or encouraged the use of contraception whether within or outside of marriage? How often?

Have I consented to sterilization for myself or another for contraceptive motives? How often?

Have I made use of the shameful practice of Natural Family Planning or the Rhythm method to frustrate the primary end of marriage (to bring forth as many children as God wills)? How often?

Have I exposed my life or limb to danger without reasonable cause or desired my own death (suicide) through passion or impatience? How often?

Have I been guilty of self-mutilation or desecration of my body (example: tattoos and body piercing)? How often?

Have I endangered my life and that of others through reckless behavior such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol? How often?

Have I entertained any thoughts of making away with myself or attempted or designed any such thing? How often?

Have I taken part in or encouraged euthanasia (assisted suicide) or made arrangements to have my own life or another's ended prematurely for whatever reason? How often?

Have I been careless in leaving about poisons, dangerous drugs, weapons, etc.? How often?

Have I provoked others to anger or participated in needless quarrels or fights--especially relatives and members of your own household? How often?

Have I caused grievous dissensions among family, friends, co-workers etc.? --especially relatives and members of your own household? How often?

Have I desired anyone's death, through hatred or malice or for my temporal interest? How often?

Have I revenged myself on anyone by word or action, or desired revenge or taken pleasure in the thought of it? How often?

Have I showed aversion or contempt for others? How often?

Have I refused to speak to them, when addressed? How often?

Have I borne malice to others or refused to be reconciled to them? For how long a time and what sort of evil have I harbored in my heart?

Have I cherished an unforgiving spirit; been guilty of raillery or ridicule or hurled insults at others? How often?

Have I been sad at another's prosperity; rejoiced over another's misfortune or been jealous at attention shown to others? How often?

Have I treated animals cruelly, causing them to suffer or die needlessly? How often?

Have I been guilty of anger or violent passion and if so what scandal was given? How often?

Have I been guilty of the vices of gluttony, drunkenness, abuse of drugs, or injured my health by over-indulgence or habits such as smoking? How often?

Have I maliciously tempted the week by selling drugs or giving alcohol to those I know will abuse it? How often?

Have I abused my spouse or children whether physically or emotionally? How often?

Have I tried to excuse this sin through lies, claims of false obedience or misrepresentation of Sacred Scripture? How often?

Have I neglected to practice the corporal and spiritual works of mercy when and where I could or should have done so? How often?


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Music: Tomas Luis de Victoria - O vos omnes (The Tudor Consort) / CC BY 3.0