Examination of Conscience for Confession

Seven and Tenth Commandment

Thou shalt not steal; Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors goods:

Have I stolen or been the accessory to theft? Was the item taken consecrated to God such as a sacramental? A large amount or valuable item would make serious matter for a mortal sin?

Have I desired in thought to take what is not mine even if I did not act upon it? How often?

Do I posses ill-gotten goods? How did I acquire them?

Have I taken bribes or bribed another into wrongdoing? Have I used blackmail? What value and how often?

Have I charged exorbitant prices or excessive interest? What value?

Have I denied my employees a living wage? How many employees?

Have I used false weights and measures; have I cheated or adulterated food or other products? Amount of damage?

Have I carelessly or maliciously injured the property of others (such as arson)? How many times and what was the extent of the damage?

Have I cheated at play or on tests? How often?

Have I gambled excessively squandering the provision for myself or my family? How often?

Have I smuggled illegal goods (drugs, human trafficking, weapons etc.)? How often?

Have I taken what was lent to me or found, without reasonable pains to return it, or to find its owner? How often?

Have I concealed fraud, theft, or damage, when in duty I was bound to give information? How often?

Have I been guilty of petty thefts? What value?

Have I brought frivolous lawsuits against another whether out of revenge or desire for financial gain? How often?

Have I forged documents, violated business contracts, issued or used counterfeit money or defrauded insurance companies? Amount of fraudulent funds?

Have I been guilty of negligence in the administration of trusts, property or possessions committed to my care? What is the extent of the loss?

Have I wished for the death of my parents or a relative so that I could inherit a portion of their estate? How often?

Have I received all or a portion of the estate of a deceased person contrary to the express wishes of that person even if done with the approval of civil courts? What is the value of the portion I received?

Have I culpably delayed in paying lawful debts, or providing restitution, when able to make it or contracted debts that I was unable to repay? How long has this been?

Have I neglected to make reasonable efforts and sacrifices to pay these debts or provide restitution, by gradually laying up the amount required? Amount of debt/restitution? How long overdue?


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Music: Tomas Luis de Victoria - O vos omnes (The Tudor Consort) / CC BY 3.0