Examination of Conscience for Confession

Eighth Commandment

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor:

Have I been guilty of lying, perjury, frauds, calumny, back biting or back stabbing whether public and private, etc.? How often?

Have I told malicious falsehoods? How often?

Have told lies for unjust or bad ends? How often?

Have I told lies against character, honor or the good name of another, especially if told publicly? How often?

Have I taken pleasure in or given ear to gossip and calumny when told by others; have I encourage it or failed to hinder it when I was able? How often?

Have I revealed secrets? How often?

Have I published discreditable secrets about others, even if true? How often?

Have I refused or delayed to restore the good name I have blackened? How often?

Have I slandered or detracted, and encouraged these in others? How often?

Have I made baseless accusations, groundless suspicions, rash judgments of others, in my own mind? How       often?

**(Here also judges, lawyers, solicitors etc. aught to examine themselves, of what injustice they may have been guilty in managing cases etc, as well as accusers, witnesses etc.)


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Music: Tomas Luis de Victoria - O vos omnes (The Tudor Consort) / CC BY 3.0

Music: Tomas Luis de Victoria - O vos omnes (The Tudor Consort) / CC BY 3.0