Based on Divine Law, Revealed Truths, Canon Laws, Church Dogmas, Doctrines and Encyclicals with Traditional Catholic Sermons from the Saints and well known Catholic Missionaries followed by Prayers and Devotions

Preparation for Marriage

Treatise on Matrimony According
to the Doctrine and Discipline
of the Catholic Church
Rt. Rev'd Doctor Amat, 1864

Key Points:

  • The Matrimonial Contract, has the seal of God's Authority, the Supreme Author of Nature
  • 3 Essential Conditions of Matrimony: Unity, Sanctity, and Indissolubility
  • When Civil Powers Enact Laws on Marriage Beyond Their Authority, Neither Respect nor Obedience Shall be Given Them.
  • An Explanation of the Impediments to Marriage

  • Catholic Preparation for
    The Sacrament of Marriage
    from the Catechism of Trent

    Key Points:

  • Catholic Requirements Before Marriage
  • Nullifying Impediments of Marriage (Invalid)
  • Prohibitive Impediments of Marriage (Unlawful)
  • Rites Observed in the Administration of Marriage
  • The Laws of the Church must be Observed
  • The Marriage Ceremony and Nuptial Mass
  • Prayers for Those About to be Married

  • How Catholics Should Prepare
    for the Sacrament of Marriage
    by Fr. Franz Hunolt, 1740

    Key Points:

  • If a Marriage is to be Happy, Jesus must be Invited to the Wedding
  • Jesus the First Guest, Invited through Fervent Prayer and Virtue
  • Choice of a State of Life Requires Deliberation and Divine Guidance
  • Obligations of Marriage Demand a Special Grace of God
  • Married State is an Indissoluble Union of Husband and Wife
  • The Troubles and Difficulties of Marriage to be Carefully Considered

  • The Disposition Necessary
    for a Happy Marriage
    by Fr. Franz Hunolt, 1740

    Key Points:

  • A Pure Conscience, Pure Intention and Pure Love Must Precede Marriage
  • Catholic Church Condemns Heretics who Attacked Matrimony
  • Marriage is Holy and Sacred, a Figure of Jesus Christ and His Church
  • Couples Seeking God's Blessing in Marriage Must be in State of Grace
  • The Purity of Intention of Sara and Tobias--a Model for Catholics.
  • First Intention of Marriage to Raise Children to Know, Love, and Praise God
  • Unhappy Marriages are a Consequence of Entering Matrimony in Mortal Sin

  • What is a mixed Marriage
    by Fr. Michael Muller, 1872

    Key Points:

  • Mixed Marriages are the Union
    of Catholics with non-Catholics
  • Conflicting Beliefs Threaten the Faith of the Catholic Spouse
  • Pastor Must Teach the Faithful
    the Dangers of these Marriages
  • Church Councils Repeatedly Forbid and Condemn Mixed Marriages
  • Mixed Marriages are Sacrilegious, Unlawful and Pernicious
  • These Unions Often Result in the Loss of Faith for Parents and Children

  • Duties of Catholic Parents
    in Relation to Mixed Marriages
    by Fr. Lambing, 1891

    Key Points:

  • To have a correct idea of the holiness of the marriage state, and to impress it deeply on the minds of your children
  • Never to prefer their temporal to their spiritual welfare
  • To instruct them early, and ground them deeply in their religion
  • To guard them prudently and vigilantly against contracting too intimate an acquaintance with non-Catholics
  • To pray God earnestly and perseveringly to guard them against the evil of a mixed marriage
  • Duties of Catholics Married to Non-Catholics

  • Christian Marriage

    The Sacrament of Matrimony
    from the Catechism of Trent

    Key Points:

  • Catechism of Council of Trent
  • Marriage Between Catholics
  • Mixed Marriage Evil to Family
  • Adultery Most Heinous Sin

  • Nature of Marriage
    from the Catechism of Trent

    Key Points:

  • Divine Seal on Natural Contract
  • Matrimony Means Duties of Mother
  • Purpose: Raise Children for Heaven
  • False Ideas of Marriage

  • Trials in the Married State
    by Rev. John Evangelist Zollner, 1884

    Key Points:

  • Marriage Afflictions
  • Unfruitfulness
  • Bad Children
  • Jealousy
  • Disunion Discord
  • Poverty Need
  • Death of Spouse or Child

  • Duties of Marriage
    Imprimatur: Patrick J. Hayes, D.D., 1921

    Key Points:

  • Mutual Duties Husband & Wife
  • Duties Husband
  • Duties Wife
  • Christian & Pagan View of Marriage
  • Duties Catholic Men in Home-life
  • Christian Teaching Marriage

  • Catholic Laws on Marriage and Divorce
    by Monsignor Matthew Smith, 1921

    Key Points:

  • Doctrine Based on Sacred Scripture
  • Marriage Modeled on Christ and His Church
  • Jesus Restored Marriage
  • Separation of Married Couples:
        For Grave Reasons Only
  • Absolute Divorce Forbidden

  • In Defense of Catholic Marriage
    by Rev. Michael Muller, 1884

    Key Points:

  • No New Doctrine, Creed or Local Beliefs
  • The Church Condemns All Variations
  • All Doctrines Exist from Christ and the Apostles
  • Must be Believed by All, in All Places at All Times
  • Novelty is the Quality of Heresy
  • Anathema to Deviations from 19 General Councils
  • Marriage: Catholic and Protestant Differences
  • Obligation to Obey God Rather than Man
  • Sacrament of Marriage: Q and A

  • The Sacred Bond of Marriage: Happiness
    with Holiness in Family Life Parts 1 and 2
    by Rev. Edgar Schmiedeler, O.S.B., 1940

    Key Points:

  • Marriage is a Sacrament
  • A Symbol of Christ and His Church
  • Meaning of Unity
  • Difference Between Divorce & Declaration Nullity
  • Consummated Marriages Absolutely Indissoluble
  • Pauline Privilege & Non-Christian Marriages
  • Primary Purpose of Marriage:
        Procreation and Education of Children
  • Closely Knit Home Life Necessary
  • Outside Influences on the Family
  • Moral Dangers to the Christian Family

  • Christian Marriage,Casti Connubii
    by Pope Pius XI., 1930

    Key Points:

  • God is Author of Marriage
  • Between One Man and One Woman
  • Adultery Explicitly Forbidden
  • Marriage: Indissoluble Union
  • Children First Blessing of Matrimony
  • Marriage Contract Sanctioned by Divine Law
  • Abuse of Matrimony
  • Killing of the Foetus
  • Divorce and Sterilization Condemned

  • On Christian Marriage, Arcanum
    by Pope Leo XIII., 1880

    Key Points:

  • True Origin of Marriage began with Adam and Eve
  • Marriage became Corrupted by Polygamy and Divorce
  • Jesus Christ Raised Marriage to the Dignity of a Sacrament
  • The Purpose of Marriage is to Bring Forth Children
        for the Church, Fellow Citizens with the Saints
  • God Entrusted the Protection of Marriage to His Church
  • When the Christian Religion is Rejected, Marriage Sinks
        of Necessity into the Slavery of Man's Vicious Nature
  • Great Evils Flow from Divorce Hostile to Families
  • Catholics Should Dread Mixed Marriages

  • Holy Family

    Prayers and Devotions
    to the Holy Family

    Key Points:

  • Consecration of Family to the
        Mother of God
  • Prayer to St. Joseph, Family Patron
  • Litany of the Holy Family
  • Prayer for Catholic Family
  • Prayer for Husband or Wife
  • Prayer for Parent and Children
  • Prayer for Children

  •           (Separate Link)
  • Devotion to the Holy Souls in Purgatory
  • Joyful Mysteries
  • Sorrowful Mysteries
  • Glorious Mysteries

  • Instructions for the Catholic Family
    by Rev. Thomas Gerrard, 1911

    Key Points:

  • The Holy Family is the Perfect Model of the Catholic Family
  • The Purpose of the Catholic
    Family is the Salvation of Souls
  • The Ideal Catholic Home:
    for Father, Mother and Children
  • Holy Purity to be Learned
       from God-fearing Parents
  • Obligation of Parents to
       Train and Educate Children
  • Suggestions for Fostering Purity
  • Sex Education as a positive training in the spirit of modesty
    and holy reserve
  • Obedience in the Catholic Family

  • St. Joseph Husband of Mary and Intercessor of the Universal Church
    by William Humphrey, 1873

    Key Points:

  • Mary and St. Joseph Had a Valid, Lawful and True Matrimonial Bond
  • Essence of Matrimony: Fidelity,
       Sacramentality and Offspring
  • The Dignity of St. Joseph as Foster Father of Jesus and Husband of Mary
  • Devotion to St. Joseph is Justified
  • Jesus Willed to Depend on
       St. Joseph as His Protector
  • St. Joseph Protector of the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church

  • The Espousal or Marriage of the Blessed Virgin Mary
    by Fr. Francis Doyle, O.S.B., 1879

    Key Points:

  • Mary Gave Consent to Marriage, Because her Virginity would be Safe
  • Reasons Why God Concealed the Miraculous Conception of Jesus
  • The Office of St. Joseph
  • The High Value of Virginity
       in the Eyes of God
  • The Perpetual Virginity Mary
  • Answers to Protestant Errors
    which Distort Sacred Scripture

  • The Feast of the Holy Family:
    Epistle and Gospel
    by Leonard Goffine, 1871

    Key Points:

  • Epistle: We should offer God
       a holy and living sacrifice.
  • Gospel: Question and Answer
        Jesus Found in the Temple
  • Moral Instruction on Obedience
  • What is True Piety

  • Children's Sermon for the
    Feast of the Holy Family
    by Rev. Raphael Frassinetti, 1900

    Key Points:

  • Finding of Jesus
  • Children Losing Jesus by Sin
  • Placing Devil in God's Place
  • Bad Companions
  • Obedience to Parents
  • Little Litany of the Holy Family

  • The Christian Family

    The Christian Family
    by Bishop Ehrler, 1891

    Key Points:

  • The Household of Nazareth is a Pattern
    for Every Catholic Family
  • Christ Restored Dignity to the Human Race and in Particular the Family
  • The Father is Head of the Family as Christ Head of the Church
  • The Mother Share Equal Rights and is to be Loved as Christ Loves the Church
  • Children are a Priceless Treasure
    and Blessing from Almighty God
  • Only in the Family Circle is Christian Education Possible
  • The Welfare of Human Society Depends upon Well-Ordered Family Life

  • The Christian Mother
    Prayer Book and Religious
    Instruction for Mothers, 1880

    Key Points:

  • The Vocation and Education of a Mother. Necessary Conditions
  • The Child's Introduction into the Truth of our Holy Religion
  • God's Word to the Christian Mother. The Mother in her Prayer
  • Prayers of a Christian Mother for Herself and for Her Children
  • Devotions for Confession, Holy Communion, Rosary and Stations

  • The Christian Father
    Prayer Book and Religious
    Instruction for Fathers, 1883

    Key Points:

  • The Name of Father, His Vocation and Stewardship and Qualifications
  • The Father Must be Truly Christian and Avoid Dangers to the Faith
  • The Work of the Christian Father, Discipline and Paternal Cares
  • Morning and Evening Prayers and Prayers at Mass
  • A Father's Prayers for his Children, to Preserve them from Mortal Sin
  • Prayer for a Father's Wife and a Litany of the Christian Father

  • What is it to be a Mother?
    by Father Michael Muller 1873

    Key Points:

  • Mothers are Destined, by God,
    to Bring up Children for Heaven
  • Instruction of Children is a Royal,
    Apostolic, and Divine Function
  • Glory Awaits Mothers Who Labor for the Salvation of their Children
  • Mothers Should Teach their
    Children to Fear and Love God
  • The Christian Mother's Daily
       Prayer for the Children

  • Duties of Parents
    from the Catechism Trent

    Key Points:

  • Duty of Parents to Provide for the Temporal and Spiritual Welfare
  • Three Things Parents should Avoid: Undo Harshness, Leniency and Neglect of Religious Instruction
  • The Duty of Good Example
  • God Requires a Strict Account of Parents for the Souls of their Children
  • Parental Responsibility of Vigilance and Correction of Children
  • The Importance of Home Training in Forming a Child's Character
  • Methods of Training Children

  • Duties of Parents as
    Shepherds of Their Flock
    by Bishop Ehrler, 1891

    Key Points:

  • Jesus is the Good Shepherd
  • Parents are Shepherds of the Family
  • Prayer Essential for Parent to
       Securing God's Blessings
  • Parents Must Admonish Children
       to Keep the Laws of God
  • All Prayers and Admonished in Vain
       If Parents are not Good Examples

  • Blessings of Many Children
    by Rev. Thomas Gerrard, 1911

    Key Points:

  • Primary End of Marriage, the
    Procreation of Children for Heaven
  • Large Families Develop Character, both in Parents and Children
  • The Fathers Need Courage, Self-Denial and the Help of Sacraments
  • Mothers Develop Gentleness and Tact in Managing a Large Family
  • Children of Large Families Learn Generosity and Unselfishness
  • Temporal and Eternal Interests are Strengthened in Large Families
  • Countries that Reduce Population Make Great Mistake at Huge Cost
  • Catholic Response to the Abuse
    of Marriage (Birth Control)

  • Influence of the Example of
    Parents Upon Their Children
    by Bishop Ehrler, 1891

    Key Points:

  • Good Example is the Best Teacher
  • Children are their Parents True Followers in the Path of Virtue or Vice
  • History and Experience Prove Good Christian Parents Effect Good Children
  • Parent's Scandal Result in Bad Children and Eventual Loss of Soul

  • Religious and Moral
    Training of Children
    by Fr. James McGovern, D.D., 1906

    Key Points:

  • Responsibility of Parents to
    Provide and Care for their Children
  • The Role of Parents in Helping a Child Choose their State of Life
  • Dangers of Neglecting Spiritual Welfare and Religious Training
  • Parents Must Carefully Mold
    the Character of Each Child
  • Severity, Inconsistency and
    Partiality are All to be Avoided
  • Vigilance Required to Help
    Children Avoid Bad Companions
  • The Conduct of Parents is
    the Child's Guide in Life
  • The Fourth Commandment Required Honor and Obedience
  • Parents Should Teach their
    Young Child to be Reverent
  • The Family is God's School for Teaching

  • Glossary of Terms Based on Faith and Morals,
    Relevant to Marriage and Family Life

    (Sections of Canon Law are from the 1917 Code)

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    Definitions of Laws, Sins and Penalties

  • Divine Law: Eternal and Positive
  • The Ten Commandments
  • Dogma
  • Deposit of Faith
  • Magisterium
  • Council of Trent
  • Theology
  • Faith and Morals
  • Christian Faith
  • Tradition
  • Canon Law
  • Freedom of Will
  • Definition of Sin
  • Actual Sin
  • The Sin of Vice
  • Material Sin
  • Mortal Sin
  • Venial Sin
  • Sin Against the Holy Ghost
  • Seven Capital Sins
  • Pride
  • Avarice
  • Lust
  • Envy
  • Gluttony
  • Anger
  • Sloth
  • Sin of Omission
  • Sin of Others
  • Sin of Scandal
  • Sin by Silence
  • Sins Crying to Heaven
  • Morality
  • Conscience
  • The Factors of Morality
  • Censures
  • Types of Penalties
  • Public Sinner
  • Administration of the Sacraments
  • Sacraments to be Refused to Protestants
  • Religious Instruction by Pastors
  • Cremation
  • Anathema / Excommunication
  • List of Sins which incur Automatic Excommunication
  • Canon 2340: Obstinacy under Penalty of Censur
  • Catholic Sacrament of Marriage

  • Definition of Marriage
  • Civil Marriages invalid for Catholics
  • Primary end of Marriage
  • Conjugal Rites
  • Birth Control
  • Sterilization
  • Responsibilities of Parent for their Children
  • Duties of God-parents
  • Regarding the Baptism of Premature Births and Miscarriages
  • Education for Children
  • Separation of Married People
  • Canon 1012: Marriage Raised to Sacrament
  • Canon 1036: Impediments to Marriage
  • Canon 1079: Spiritual Relation
  • Canon 1080: Impediment of Adoption
  • Canon 1081: Matrimonial Consent
  • Canon 1082: Matrimonial Consent--assumed knowledge
  • Canon 1086: Internal Consent
  • Canon 1014: Marriage enjoys favor of law
  • Canon 1083: Impediment of Error and Servile Condition
  • Canon 1015: Ratified Marriage of Baptized persons, Marriage of unbaptized, Feigned Marriage
  • Canon 1016: Marriage governed by Divine and Canon Law
  • Canon 1018: Public Instruction
  • Canon 1019: Obstacles to Valid Marriage
  • Canon 1020: Pastor Investigates
  • Canon 1022: Public Announcement
  • Canon 1023: Banns of Marriage
  • Canon 1024: Banns on Successive Sundays
  • Canon 1027: Obligation to reveal defects
  • Canon 1033: Pastor Instruction
  • Canon 1034: Parent Notification
  • Canon 1035: Who can contract Marriage
  • Canon 1037: Public and Occult Impediments
  • Canon 1038: Supreme Authority of Church
  • Canon 1118: Ratified, consummated marriage cannot be dissolved
  • Canon 1063: Mixed Marriage
  • Canon 1110: Bond of Marriage (Marital Contract)
  • Canon 2319: Excommunications

  • Sins Against Marriage Contract

  • Adultery
  • Impediment of Crime (Canon: 1075)
  • Attempted Marriage
  • Bigamy
  • Infamy
  • Canon 1069: Previous Marriage Divine Impediment

  • Definition of Divorce
  • Quotes form Popes and Fathers of the Church

  • Genesis 1 : 27 - 28
  • Genesis 2 : 21 - 25
  • Hebrews 13 : 4
  • Matthew 5 : 32
  • 1 Corinthians 7 : 1 - 17
  • St. Mark 10 : 6 - 10
  • St. Mark 10 : 11 - 12
  • Sins of Impurity

  • Lust
  • Fornication
  • Concubinage
  • Contraception or Birth Control (Onanism)
  • Incest
  • Sacrilege
  • Rape (Oppression)
  • Abduction
  • Pollution
  • Sodomy
  • Homosexuality (Condemned from Sacred Scripture)
  • Cross Dressing (Transvestite)--Condemned from Sacred Scripture
  • Self-Mutilation
  • Bestiality
  • Crimes Against Faith
    and Unity

  • Atheism
  • Agnostic
  • Apostate
  • Heretics
  • Indifferentism
  • Infidelity
  • Schism
  • Abjuration of Heresy

  • Murder
  • Abortion and Condemned Fertility Practices
  • Penalties of Abortion
  • Accomplices in Abortion
  • Euthanasia
  • Suicide

  • Commandments, Sin and Repentance

    The Ten Commandments


    Martyrs in Defense of Marriage Against Adultery


    Defending the Church Against Modernism

    Prayer for a Husband or Wife

    O God,who hast ordained and sanctified the holy estate of matrimony, for replenishing the earth, for mutual consolation, and as a type of the union of Christ and His Church; give me grace both thankfully to fulfill its duties. I beseech Thee continually to bless our union, and to enable us to live together in peace and love, in the faithful discharge of all our duties to Thee, and to each other. Deliver us from every evil temper, from every heedless action, which, which may in any way weaken or embitter the sacredness of that tie by which Thou has bound us together, and which can never be severed. Make me faithful and affectionate, studious to please, and ready to deny my own will and inclination to all things, Let not the trials and crosses of this life induce me to murmur, nor any earthly blessings cause me to forget Thee, the Author and Giver of all; but by patience and meekness by prayer and thankfulness, may all things be sanctified unto me, and fit me for eternal union with Thee, Jesus Christ. Amen.