by Francesca M. Steele, 1909

When the child Bridget was only seven years old she had her first vision. She woke one night, and saw on an altar which stood opposite her bed Our Blessed Lady standing dressed in glistening robes ; in her hand was a precious crown. She called to Bridget to come to her, and when the child sprang out of bed and hastened towards her, Our Lady asked: 'Would you like to have this crown?' Bridget nodded, and then felt the crown placed on her head; she went back to bed, but she never forgot the vision.

When she was ten years old her mother took her one day to church to hear a sermon preached, probably by a Dominican friar, who was giving a kind of mission to the people; he was an eloquent preacher, and the sermon made a great impression upon the child. It was upon the Passion of Our Lord, and, if filled her with great grief and sympathy. That night she woke and saw Our Lord looking as if He had just been crucified. She asked Him who had so ill-treated Him, and He answered: 'Those who despise Me and forget My love.'

From that time Bridget always had a great devotion to the Passion of Christ, which was from henceforth the centre of her interior life; it was the subject of many of her revelations: again and again she returns to it in the course of them indeed, she seems from that day to have lived, almost constantly in the presence of Jesus crucified, and she was rarely able to meditate upon His sufferings without tears. --page 4.

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