The Education of her Children and her Prayer
Benzinger Brothers, 1880

This little book is not, what at first sight it may appear to be, a hasty composition, but the result of a constant intercourse with the hearts of little ones for more than a quarter of a century. It is an attempt to bring within the capacity and feeling of very youthful minds the spirit and practice of Catholic devotion.

"As we have seen, the Church looks upon the vocation of a Christian mother as a thing of the greatest importance. This is the reason she introduces her with prayer and blessing into the house of God when she makes her first visit to it after her delivery. From that time she is called, in the name and place of the Church, to assist her child, her tender boy or girl, in obtaining that happiness which Christ has prepared for it, and must therefore, first of all, lead it to the practice of piety and of the fear of God. What the ministers of the Church do with regard to grown persons the mother must. according to circumstances, do with regard to her children during their childhood; becoming thus in truth a minister of holy Church. O sublime vocation! " --Page 16

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