The Holy Ways of the Cross
by Henri-Marie Boudon, 1875

"All walk by the way of the Cross, but after a very different manner. Some are conducted along it by exterior sufferings, others by interior. You will see some who are tried by corporal maladies; others you will see who are afflicted with the loss of their brightest intellectual gifts, and even of their mind itself, as has befallen some of the greatest men who have ever lived, and other servants of God. There are those who have been reduced to great poverty, by the loss of a lawsuit or by other disasters, or who have been in a destitute condition from their birth. And again there are those who suffer from being deprived of their earthly happiness, of their offices and employments.

Others are persecuted by their fellow-creatures: they meet with nothing but contradictions on every side, and that from good men as well as from bad; their reputation is torn to pieces,, and they are assailed with calumnies on all hands. Others are grievously tormented by devils. And again there are those who are strangely crucified by interior pains, which vary much in their nature, according to the disposition of Divine Providence. You will meet with persons who have been completely abandoned by those who were under obligations to them; by friends, relatives, and those, too, the most nearly allied. A wife will suffer much from a husband, a husband from a wife, a father from a child."--Page 59-60

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