The Story of John Baptist de la Salle
by Brother Leo, 1921

"St. de la Salle little dreamed, when he prayed for the blessing of Christian education, that he himself would be the answer to the prayers, that already God had chosen him to be the founder of a society of teachers who would conduct Christian schools in France and throughout the world, that in the years to come he himself would be hailed as the patron saint of popular education and as an authority on the organization of schools and the training of teachers.

For, although at a very early age John Baptist felt that God wanted him to be a priest, he had no idea whatever that God likewise wanted him to be an educator. All young men, even saints, sometimes like to fancy themselves older and wiser and better, like to think of themselves as doing something worth while in the world; and, doubtless, John Baptist had his little day-dreams, too. Perhaps he pictured himself as a priest laboring in the confessional reconciling sinners to God, or in the pulpit preaching impressive sermons, or in the streets of his native city visiting the poor and the sick; but certainly he never pictured himself teaching in a schoolroom. Yet it was to the schoolroom that God called him.--page 36

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