St. Antony of Padua, The Miracle-Worker
by C.M. Antony, 1911

"Then the minister, turning to St. Antony, desired him to preach. He had sometimes heard him speak Latin, but was otherwise quite unaware of his learning, thinking, as did his brethren, that the occupation for which he was best fitted was that of washing dishes. After attempting in vain to excuse himself, the Saint mounted the pulpit. He preached (says tradition) from the words: "Christus factus est pro nobis obediens usque ad mortem; mortem autem crucis".

"He began, in the fear of God, with simple words, but enlightened by Heavenly grace, and assisted by his memory, which served him in place of books, his language as he went on became so sublime, he explained so clearly the deep mysteries of Holy Scripture, he captivated the minds of his hearers with such overpowering eloquence" that all were astonished. Carried away by his oratory, Dominicans and Franciscans cried with one voice: "Never man spake like this man!"

It was thus that St. Antony preached his First Sermon!--Page 21 - 22

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