Christ is Risen! The Good Shepherd

John x. 14: "The Good Shepherd giveth His life for His sheep."

I met the Good Shepherd
but now on the plain,
As homeward He carried
His lost one again:
I marvelled how gently
His burden He bore,
And as he passed by me
I knelt to adore.
Ah me, how the thorns
have entangled Thy hair
And cruelly riven
that forehead so fair!
How feebly Thou drawest
Thy faltering breath,
And, lo, on Thy face
is the paleness of death!
O Shepherd, Good Shepherd,
Thy wounds they are deep;
The wolves have sore hurt Thee
in saving Thy sheep;
Thy raiment all over
with crimson is dyed,
And what is this rent
they have made in Thy side?
O Shepherd, Good Shepeherd,
and is it for me,
Such grievous affliction
hath fallen on Thee?
Oh, then, let me strive,
for the love Thou hast borne,
To give Thee no longer
occasion to mourn.

Colloquy between the Good Shepherd and the Sinner

Luke xv. 4, 5: "What man is there of you that hath an hundred sheep, and if he shall lose one of them,
doth he not leave the ninety-nine in the desert, and go after that which is lost until he find it?
and when he hath found it, lay it upon his shoulders rejoicing."

1. The Good Shepherd

Return to God, poor sinner, it is meet--
Delay no more to bend thy rebel knee.
His holy law thou'st broken; I entreat,
Return to Him, who seeketh after thee.

2. Sinner

Behold, O Lord! this lost and straying sheep
Whom Thou didst deign to seek for, Oh! how long!
Aroused at last from its long deadly sleep,
Guilty, confused, this heart repents its wrong.

3. The Good Shepherd

T o call thee back, My voice has long resounded,
I've followed thee with blessings far and near,
Wounding thy God's--a Father's heart thou'st wounded,
Ungrateful still wilt thou refuse to hear?

4. The Sinner

Ah! dearest Lord! I sought, but sought in vain
A spot where I might lose the dread of Thee,
Wand'ring and lost, how could I know but pain,
Estranged from Thee--and Thou estranged from me?

5. The Good Shepherd

Now grief, now joy; now terror and remorse,
In tender love I sent thee o'er and o'er.
With grace I tried to stay thy head-long course,
My grace was spurned--but still I offer more.

6. Sinner

My Lord! I do repent me sore and sadly,
Yea, Father! tho' I've sinned 'gainst Thee and heaven,
Forgive, gorget the course I've run so madely,
And breathe the blest, the sweet word--thou'rt forgiven.

7. The Good Shepherd

Repentant child, thy heart is all I seek,
And when thy heart is given all to Me,
My mercy takes thy service, rendered meed,
And rains down grace and love unceasingly.

8. The Sinner

My God! how good Thou art to all of those,
Who with sincere repentance Thee implore;
With grief and love my swelling heart o'erflows,
Oh, give me grace to love Thee evermore.

And Jesus, hearing this, marvelled; and said to them that followed Him: Amen I say to you, I have