The Holy Stations of the Cross
by St. St. Leonard of Port Maurice

"This saving remembrance of the Passion of our Divine Redeemer is precisely the heavenly pearl with which I hope to enrich your souls by the erection of the Stations of the Cross, which is to take place in this wonderful amphitheatre. When paganism was still dominant, this ground was the arena whence hundreds and thousands of Christians won the palm of martyrdom, and whence, glorious and triumphant, they took their flight towards Heaven. Admire, then, dear brethren, the touching object here offered to your piety--namely, the adorable blood of Jesus Christ, shed so abundantly on the road to Calvary, and mystically mingled here with that blood of the martyrs which has consecrated this famous Coliseum."--Page 2 of the Appendix

The background image is of a Roman Coliseum, similar to which St. Leonard would have given this meaningful sermon on the Holy Stations of the Cross in the 17th Century.*

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* The background image was provided courtesy of Michael Wilson via wiki commons in compliance with Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.